Current and Former Officers

Officers – 2018

Commodore – Miguel Chueca

The Commodore is the chief elective Officer, and presides at Club meetings. The Commodore is an ex-officio member of all Committees, except for the Nominating Committee.


Vice Commodore – Skip Herold

The Vice Commodore performs the duties of the Commodore in the absence of the Commodore. The Vice Commodore chairs the Racing Committee, and appoints Race and Protest Officials, as needed


Treasurer – Graham Henderson

The Treasurer collects the annual membership dues, and maintains a record of all sums received and expended by the Club.


Secretary – Tim Sanders

The Secretary gives notice of Club meetings, and keeps a record of all proceedings. The Secretary prepares correspondence, maintains files, and safeguards important papers belonging to or pertaining to the Club.


Member at Large – Mike Sweeney




The Brandermill Sailing Club officially adopted its name and by-laws on November 13, 1978 and has been operating continuously since that date. Past Commodores include:

1978  Jim Ziegler 1991  Tony Flores 2004  Preston Cooper
1979  Marshall Wishnack 1992 Jean A. Reinhart 2005  Graham Henderson
1980  Earl McKesson 1993  C. W. (Bill) Barthlow 2006  Miguel Chueca
1981  Jack Kelly 1994 C. W. (Bill) Barthlow 2007  Colin Fradd
1982  Ernie Burnett 1995  John Hawksworth 2008  Tom Anderson
1983  John Grant 1996  John Hawksworth 2009  Bruce Koch
1984  John Grant 1997  Graham Henderson 2010  Peggy Anne Westcott
1985  Rod ‘Ski’Mustanski 1998  Don Haller 2011  Bruce Koch
1986  Rod ‘Ski’Mustanski 1999 Buddy Whitfield 2012  Don Dyer
1987  Robbie Roberts 2000 Buddy Whitfield  2013 Chris Akins
1988  C. W. (Bill) Barthlow 2001 Herb Russakoff  2014 Tom Anderson
1989 C.W. (Bill) Barthlow 2002  Herb Russakoff  2015  Miguel Chueca
1990 Jim Brumm 2003  Jim Wilson  2016 Won-Suk Choi
 2017 Miguel Chueca