The Brandermill Sailing Club holds a number of racing events throughout the season. We have a regular series of regattas for members beginning in April, and special invitational events in September and October. To encourage new members to get out on the water, we offer several “fun sails” that include friendly competition and games.


The Club uses the Portsmouth Yardstick Handicapping System for calculating the corrected time for racing. The Portsmouth system is a time-on-time system that uses the Thistle as the standard boat in the United States. While PHRF generally addresses what we term as “offshore boats”, Portsmouth addresses up to medium-sized production cruiser-racers as well as multi-hulls and centerboard classes. Each boat is assigned a series of numbers that are applied based on the average wind conditions of the race.

Using the Portsmouth system, corrected time (CT) is calculated using: CT = ( ET / HC ) x 100

ET = Elapsed Time

HC = Applicable Portsmouth Handicap number

Click here for more information on the Portsmouth Yardstick Handicap System and individual handicap numbers.


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Disclaimer of liability:┬áBrandermill Sailing Club members and their guests participate in regattas, fun races, sailing lessons, and pontoon cruises entirely at their own risk. It is the individual’s responsibility to exercise due care in the performance of the activity for their own safety and the safety of others. As a participant in these activities the individual assumes all risks and liability that may arise from involvement in these activities and will hold harmless the Brandermill Sailing Club and the Brandermill Community Association, its members, volunteers, heirs and assignees from any and all claims, damages, actions, liability and expense, now and in the future, in connection with any and all personal and bodily injury and/or property damage that may occur, be it foreseen or unforeseen.