Racing Series

The Brandermill Sailing Club holds two regatta series consisting of four races each, beginning in May. Trophies are awarded to the top positions; the number of prizes will be based on the total number of boats in each series. The regattas are held on Saturdays at the Brandermill Sailing Center at Sunday Park in Brandermill. If you don’t own your own boat you are welcome to show up on race day and offer to crew.


Captains’ meeting begins at 12:00, with race start at 12:30 p.m. We generally try to complete three races each day however the number of races and duration of each race will vary depending upon wind conditions. The Vice Commodore or designee will determine if any postponements or makeup days are required, based on existing weather conditions the day of the race. Notification of makeup days will be sent to the club email distribution list the following day.

For scoring racing series, we will use a racer’s place for the day, as the points earned for the series scoring. For example 1st place for the day will score 1 point, 2nd place will score 2 points, etc. This provides more consistent scoring throughout the series regardless of how many races are run on a given race day. Many other sailing clubs use this scoring system.

We will present trophies/awards for this year’s sailing events. The club will present awards to both captain and crew for those boats that have a designated racing crew member. The Vice Commodore may select “usable” sailing related items as awards this year, or engraved medals, rather than traditional trophies.

The BSC abides by the standard Racing Rules of Sailing for 2009-2012. To find out more about racing rules please visit the U.S. Sailing webpage.